Day Three - Good Conditions

The third day of racing at the India International Regatta 2016  was a good day of racing at the Bay of Bengal with the north-east wind averaging between 8-10 knots that went to a maximum of 12 knots while gusting.

“We had good conditions and good course lengths today, we managed to get all races done on time, except for one small obstruction on the course, we did not have any other issue,” said Race Officer on course B, Praveen Prabhakar, who managed to finish four races for the 29ers, Laser Radial, 420 and three for the RS1.

Again, windsurfer Dayne Coehlo from Goa got the gun in all the three races, maintaining his first position in the leaderboard. The Oman sailor Abdullah Al Sarhi held on to his second position while his team mate, Ali Al Omrani finished second in two races and third in one to beat Rahul Chaudhary to rise up to the third position. “It is really close between all of them so it is a really good fight,” said Oman coach Sultan Albalushi commenting on his team’s performance.

At the end of four races on day three for the 420 class, the leader board remained unchanged as Vishnu Sujeesh of the TNSA and Aryaman Dutta continued to top the charts followed by the only women team in the class Diya Correa and Krisha Mongia of RBYC. Anand Thakur and Pradeep Thakur continued to lead the 29er class having won all the four races today. The Laser radial Class saw very few changes in the leader board, as Christopher Bezy from Hong Kong, with two third place finishes and one second place replaced fellow countrywoman Marian Williams at the third place. “It was quite good, light at the first race and picked up a little later and the waves were smaller which was good for me,” said Bezy. Coach Charlie strong agrees with him. “It was tough racing four races and the races finished early which is good,” he adds to Bezy’s observations about the day.

Course A that saw the optimists and the laser 4.7 had four races each in tough conditions for the 4.7’s whose first race had to be abandoned and restarted due to a significant wind shift. The Optimist class continued to see the Thai team continue to do well but the Indonesian Ramadan Tito continues to lead. Thai sailor Saranwong Poonpat was favored by the winds as his performance on day three resulted in him with moving from 7th to 3rd position.

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